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This is NOT an Anthology Chris Kelso

This is NOT an Anthology

Chris Kelso

Published July 2014
ISBN : 9781291919332
387 pages
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 About the Book 

Chris Kelso’s publications include -“Schadenfreude“ (Dog Horn Publishing)“Last Exit to Interzone” (Black Dharma Press)“A Message from the Slave State“ (Western Legends Books)“Moosejaw Frontier” (Bizarro Pulp Press)“Transmatic” (MorbidbookS)“The Black Dog Eats the City” (Omnium Gatherum)Terence, Mephisto & Viscera Eyes (Bizarro Pulp Press)The Dissolving Zinc Theatre (Vilipede Publications)You can read his serialised novella “Escaping the Crimson Sphere” HEREKelso is a writer, illustrator, editor and journalist. He has also been printed frequently in literary and university publications across the UK, US and Canada.Chris has served as voluntary copy editor for Dog Horn, Jupiter Magazine, Chomu Press, Eraserhead press (and cult horror imprint Deadite). Along with Victoria Hooper he helps wade through slush piles for the Sceptre award winning Sci-Fi magazine, Polluto.In 2012 Adam Lowe and Chris edited the ‘Terror Scribes’ anthology (available on Amazon).He and Garrett Cook are the co-creator of ‘The Imperial Youth Review‘.Forthcoming projects include -“The Dissolving Zinc Theater (novel)“This is Not an Anthology”“Terence, Mephisto & Viscera Eyes” (novel)