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Uova fatali Mikhail Bulgakov

Uova fatali

Mikhail Bulgakov

Published 1990
ISBN : 9788845206450
126 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

An inspired work of science fiction and a biting political allegory, Bulgakovs The Fatal Eggs tells of a brilliant scientist whose experiments with life spiral terribly—and fatefully—out of control. Quite by chance, Professor Persikov discovers a new form of light ray whose effect, when directed at living cells, is to accelerate growth in primitive organisms. But when this ray is shone on the wrong batch of eggs, the Professor finds himself both the unwilling creator of giant hybrids and the focus of a merciless press campaign. For it seems the propaganda machine has turned its gaze upon him, distorting his nature in the very way his “innocent” tampering created the monster snakes and crocodiles that now terrorize the neighborhood. Russian novelist and dramatist Mikhail Bulgakov is one of the foremost satirists of the 20th century.