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The Boy Biggles W.E. Johns

The Boy Biggles

W.E. Johns

Published 1979
182 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

He never forgot the picture of his father standing there, cool, calm and collected, waiting for striped death to emerge. Did this have any effect on the life he was to lead a few years later when he himself would be going out daily to meet death in a very different form, in the air?So, this is about Bigglesworth growing up in India and all the animal predators and other dangers he encounters. He learns a lot from shikari Captain Lovell.Biggles is referred to as James in this one. At first it was like reading about someone else. But then I recognised him when danger strikes and then theres a whole bunch of things I could list that makes him the Biggles I know.He reacts with his quick decisiveness that I so appreciate. Even as a kid he can keep his cool so effectively during crises. Sure, hes terrified but he knows how to stuff it down and function. It was also interesting to see that even in his youth his fear is often morphed into anger at the injustice of a bully. He has such a strong instinct to shield victims from predators.At the same time, I felt Johns tried too hard to create an exact replica of the grown-up Biggles. Also, some of the incidents that happen are down-right preposterous.