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Kirael: Volume II The Genesis Matrix Fred Sterling

Kirael: Volume II The Genesis Matrix

Fred Sterling

Published May 9th 2001
ISBN : 9780967535302
182 pages
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 About the Book 

WHO ARE WE AND WHERE ARE WE GOING? Author and transmedium Fred Sterling answers the most fundamental questions regarding our nature and origin, and the ultimate direction of our evolutionary journey to mastery and Light. His first book, Kirael, The Great Shift, introduced to the world the single most extraordinary and unprecedented event in the history of man—the Great Shift in consciousness we are presently experiencing.Now, in his second book, Kirael, Volume II, The Genesis Matrix, Fred Sterling again brings forth the words of the wise and loving seventh-dimensional being known as Kirael, who unveils to the world the evolutionary blueprint of the planet Earth, and the beauty and drama of the history of mankind as never before revealed. In the process, he answers some of the deepest questions that we have asked: Who is God? How did creation begin? What is our purpose on Earth? What is our relationship to the Guidance Realm, to Angelic Beings, to Galactic energies? What is the truth about religion and the holy scriptures? About Lightworkers and the Secret Government? About whales and dolphins and Lightworkers? Who were Jesus and his female disciples? Why is the human journey so difficult?Ultimately, The Genesis Matrix is about truth, trust, and passion, about hope and revelation, and about the wonder and poignancy of this magical journey we call the collective human experience.