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Limey Down James C. McCullagh

Limey Down

James C. McCullagh

Published November 22nd 2011
Kindle Edition
176 pages
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 About the Book 

Limey Down is a darkly-comic, coming-of-age novel about a post World War II London teenager Neil Strikker growing up in an Irish-Catholic world of penury, sharp elbows and lots of mischief. He moves to a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with all the same baggage and has to deal with the added inconvenience of a hostile neighborhood that hadnt yet heard of the Beatles, so it settles on ingenious ways to initiate him into the American experience. Lucky for Neil Strikker, he grew up with a German sword over his head, and a policeman father who was always within striking range. He will need to be that tough to move beyond history, church and family--and keep out of range of the heavy artillery