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Effin Good Poetry Tracy Ray

Effin Good Poetry

Tracy Ray

Published October 11th 2011
Kindle Edition
73 pages
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 About the Book 

When is the last time a poem made you blush or drove you mad to crack its code?Sometimes a poem is mysterious, other times downright weird, shamelessly real, raw or even ruthless. For me, poetry that qualifies as good has the power to move the reader in some way. When I write a poem, that’s my goal ~ to jar you a little. Or a lot.It’s not often I come across a poet who stops me in my tracks. And as tough as I am on other poets, I’m even harder on myself. I’ve titled this collection Effin’ Good Poetry for two reasons: 1. If I’d called it Effin’ Shitty Poetry, I doubt you’d buy it and 2. I am hard on myself. I’d love to call this book Effin’ GREAT Poetry, but the fact is, there’s always room for improvement. And besides, when you boil all the words down to the heartiest of verbs and adjectives, you’re still left to answer the question for yourself: Was it good, great or something else entirely?Whether aptly titled or not, it’s my hope that this little collection stirs something in you. I hope you are in some way disturbed or soothed or left contemplative for a while. What would really be effin’ awesome is if it inspires you to write poetry of your own. With words, you can play with emotions, create worlds and express anything you can dream up. If this little book of poetry fans your creative flame and moves you to write, then I’m satisfied that it truly is effin’ good poetry.I hope you enjoy it.Tracy