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The Glamour Girl Joanna Simon

The Glamour Girl

Joanna Simon

Published September 4th 2012
Kindle Edition
344 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Wealthy socialite, Barbara “Bobbie” Barrett, 17, runs away from home in 1942, the day she is supposed to take a train to Boston to attend Radcliffe. Instead, she joins the International Glamour Girls of Swing, while her fiancé, Arthur Thompson enlists in the U.S. Navy. During her four years with the band, she experiences a forbidden love, ferocious sheriff’s deputies, celebrities of the day, including First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Katharine Hepburn, a stolen bus, Holocaust refugees and the KKK. When she returns to her family after the war, her forever love with Artie is tested as they face together the heartache caused by her adventure.